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WORLDWIDE RECYCLING EQUIPMENT SALES™ (WWR) is a major equipment manufacturer and dealer of recycling and environmental equipment with worldwide sales and distribution. With a customer base in 63 different countries, we are a world leader in our industry, offering a wide variety of balers, crushers, gensets, magnets, conveyors, rotary dryers, incinerators and more.

WWR also manufactures a complete line of new sorting stations, trommel screens, heavy-duty conveyors and crossbelt magnets under the name Tuffman® that can be custom built to any specifications and come with a one year warranty. We also offer custom-designed and manufactured drying, calcining and thermal desorption systems under the name Vulcan®. These systems can be sized and built to suit specific project needs and product requirements. 

Manufacturers of
Trommel Screens, Sorting Stations, Crossbelt Magnets and Heavy Duty Conveyors.

Vulcan Systems
Custom Designed Drying, Calcining and Thermal Desorption Systems
   Heavy Equipment
  Material Handling Equipment
  Metal Recycling
  Miscellaneous Equipment
  Rotary Dryers & Incinerators
  Screens & Classifiers
  Shredders & Hammermills & Tubgrinders
   Soil Remediation Equipment
   Sorting Systems
  Tire Recycling Equipment
   Waste & Refuse Equipment
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Vulcan Indirect Heated Rotary Kiln with Vapor Recovery Unit

Vulcan Indirect Thermal Desorption Unit

Tuffman 6-Man Stationary Sorting Station

Tuffman 6-Man Stationary Sorting Station

Tuffman Model 722-2S Trommel with Multi Conveyor System

Tuffman Model 722-2S Trommel with Multi Conveyor System

Vulcan ASR (Automotive Shredder Residue) Dryer System

Vulcan ASR (Automotive Shredder Residue) Dryer System
Price on Request

JLG 400S (4WD) Telescopic Boom Lift

JLG 400S (4WD) Telescopic Boom Lift

Vulcan Frac Sand Drying System

Vulcan Frac Sand Drying System
Price on Request

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