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New Tuffman Trommel Screens

Trommel screens are used in any type or sifting or separation work. As material passes through the screened cylinder, the smaller particles pass through the openings, while the larger pieces are kept inside, thus separating the material by size. They are used for a variety of applications, including the separation of sand/gravel, lumber mill by-products and municipal solid waste (MSW) and in compost production. At an MRF, the screens are used to separate the biodegradable fraction of mixed MSW and separate smaller debris such as broken glass from larger recyclables, making them a practical addition to any Tuffman® sorting station.

Trommel screens are also useful in excavation sifting. They can separate the debris into topsoil to be sold to farms, nurseries and site-work, and rock that can be cleaned and used for aggregates and landscaping, allowing a contractor to reuse or resell waste rather than paying transportation and disposal fees.

Tuffman Model TS310 Stationary Trommel Screen
Tuffman® Model TS310 Stationary Trommel Screen* 3' diameter x 10' long drum (≈ 6' of screen length) Woven wire mesh scree...
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Tuffman Model TS415 Stationary Trommel Screen (Demo)
Tuffman® Model TS415 Stationary Trommel Screen (Demo) - powered by a 10 hp, 3-phase electric motor with a 25:1 gear reducer. Trommel barrel is 4' ...
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Two Deck 4' x 8' Vibratory Screen Feeder
Two Deck 4' x 8' Vibratory Screen Feeder - vibratory separator includes 2 (two) 4' wide x 8' long removable screen decks along with 1 (one) lower soli...
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Eriez Eddy Current Separator
Eriez Eddy Current Separator - 1 meter eddy current separator complete with feeder, splitter/hood and controls. Ideal for material recovery facilities...
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Eriez ProSort II Metal Recovery System
Eriez ProSort II Metal Recovery System - 26" wide, complete with feeder, splitter and controls. The ProSort II airless metal recovery system requires ...
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